Catering Sushi Platter

When it comes time to plan the perfect party, let Yoshino take away the stress of providing food for your guests. All sushi made daily and presented in a beautiful platter with complimentary mini soy sauce sachets, mini wasabi sachets and pickled ginger.


Medium Sushi Platter Combo $55

Contains 37 pcs assorted sushi :

4 pcs Cooked Tuna Roll
4 pcs Teriyaki Chicken Roll
4 pcs California Roll
3 pcs Prawn Nigiri
3 pcs Egg Nigiri
3 pcs Smoked Salmon Nigiri
6 pcs Raw salmon
3 pcs Gunkan Seasoned Squid Salad 
3 pcs Gunkan Seaweed Salad
4 pcs Gunkan Flying Fish Roe